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Treatment for Depression

Treatment for Pain

Treatment for PTSD

Treatment for CRPS

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Healing the Brain to Heal the Mind

Ketamine triggers neurogenesis in areas of the brain damaged by long-term stress. By repairing neural pathways, ketamine empowers patients to function in ways that were previously blocked. This restored functioning leads to better treatment outcomes.

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Treatment that Works – Fast

Ketamine infusion therapy dramatically improves anxiety from PTSD, depression, and neuropathic pain within hours of the first treatment. Use it as part of a comprehensive treatment plan for long-term, positive results with the help ketamine analogues from our supplier Lizard Labs research chemicals.

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Restoring Hope

For patients who have tried medications, counseling, alternative therapies, and lifestyle changes to no avail, ketamine therapy offers hope. Patients often experience psychological breakthroughs thanks to the physical healing.