What is ketamine?

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Ketamine is most commonly used as a surgical anesthetic and was developed in the early 1960's. Similar to many other drugs, Ketamine has been utilized for a multitude of different applications. At higher doses it is used in the operating room and emergency rooms for injuries, pain, and surgeries. In 1970, Ketamine was approved by [...]

What is ketamine infusion treatment and how does it work?

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A treatment that is specifically designed to harness the unique qualities of ketamine through sub anesthetic doses administered intravenously in a clinic setting. Entering the body directly into the bloodstream, Ketamine works by repairing your brain on a cellular level. As ketamine navigates through the body it causes new growth, rewires pathways and restores connections [...]

What is it like to undergo ketamine infusion therapy?

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Patients will begin their infusions in a dim lit tranquil relaxed safe environment. One of our board-certified Physicians will complete a full history and physical and describe in detail the treatment plan. This also gives the patient the opportunity to ask any questions they may have before infusion begins. We give the patient the option [...]

Are ketamine infusions safe?

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The efficacy of ketamine is certain. The question of safety depends, as always, on the patient’s clinical assessment. It won’t be right for every patient, even as it positively changes lives for other patients. So far, no adverse effects have been discovered. For low doses of ketamine, side effects tend to be minor. They may [...]

What does ketamine infusion help with?

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In study after study, patients with treatment-resistant disorders benefit greatly from ketamine infusion. The quick, dramatic results empower patients and their care providers to implement treatment plans and healthy lifestyle changes which improve their long-term state.

What conditions does ketamine infusion therapy treat?

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Depression PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) Bipolar Disorder Anxiety Disorders Chronic Pain Ketamine has been shown to successfully treat a number of conditions both behavioral health and pain related. This includes various Anxiety Disorders (link), Chronic Pain Disorders (link), Depression Disorders (Link), Suicidality (Link)…. Health care providers in a number of [...]

Does insurance cover ketamine therapy?

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At Ketamine Infusion Centers we will do everything possible to justify the coverage for your treatment. With that said, insurance companies are sometimes slow to recognize the benefits of evolving new therapies. At the present, some insurance companies do cover the cost of ketamine infusions, while others are still evaluating the possibilities of coverage. Contacting [...]