What conditions does ketamine infusion therapy treat?

Ketamine has been shown to successfully treat a number of conditions both behavioral health and pain related. This includes various Anxiety Disorders (link), Chronic Pain Disorders (link), Depression Disorders (Link), Suicidality (Link)…. Health care providers in a number of specialties including psychiatry, pain management and neurology have been astounded with how ketamine infusion therapy has delivered such rapid and unprecedented results. Currently ketamine infusion therapy is recommended for patients who have major, chronic mood and/or pain disorders, and who have not experienced significant progress with two or more medications. It is also successfully used in tandem with psychotherapy, and is safe to use with most antidepressant medications. Our results have shown ketamine infusion treatment to provide significant relief in a considerably shorter amount of time than traditional antidepressants and pain medications with very little to no side effects. With the continued positive results for these hard to treat cases, it is our goal to progress this novel treatment in becoming a first-line option to be considered.

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