What is it like to undergo ketamine infusion therapy?

Patients will begin their infusions in a dim lit tranquil relaxed safe environment. One of our board-certified Physicians will complete a full history and physical and describe in detail the treatment plan. This also gives the patient the opportunity to ask any questions they may have before infusion begins. We give the patient the option of using headphones so they may enjoy the music of their choice or they may opt to enjoy the in office music provided. Once infusion begins most patients describe the experience as peaceful and relaxing. This relaxing state allows for the physical effect of Ketamine to work on the brain. We strongly advise patients to approach Ketamine infusion treatments with the outcome in mind. While receiving Ketamine, patients will be conscious and cognizant of their surroundings while reclining in their own private environment. After treatment, it may take a few minutes to a couple hours to fully recover.

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