What is ketamine infusion treatment and how does it work?

A treatment that is specifically designed to harness the unique qualities of ketamine through sub anesthetic doses administered intravenously in a clinic setting. Entering the body directly into the bloodstream, Ketamine works by repairing your brain on a cellular level. As ketamine navigates through the body it causes new growth, rewires pathways and restores connections all while activating, balancing and blocking key receptors. These effects specifically target areas of the brain that deal with mood and emotion. At the same time, Ketamine blocks and “reboots” receptors throughout the body that are responsible for communicating pain signals. Our Infusion Treatment is designed to harness these unique properties of Ketamine and as a result, has become a highly effective treatment option for behavioral health and chronic pain conditions. Patients receive a much lower dose than those who use ketamine as an anesthetic, so they do not lose consciousness during treatment. The dose and rate of uptake is also much lower than that associated with ketamine abuse, which eliminates the risk of dissociation. The purpose is not to induce a high, but rather to deliver enough ketamine to the brain to create neurotransmitters and repair or rewire crucial pathways. Patients will undergo an initial round of infusions and have continued maintenance infusions as needed. The dosage and rate of the IV drip is determined on factors such as the patient’s weight and medical history, but it generally takes 50-60 minutes to receive the IV fluids, plus 30-60 minutes to recover. Protocols for treatment will vary and our medical team will determine the most effective course for treatment.

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